Hi, This is Kayleigh

01. Chosen Company

The company that I have decided to make a social media motion graphic for is
Infinite Definite, an independent high-end streetwear and homeware store located
in Central Christchurch, New Zealand (Infinite Definite, n.d.-a). They take pride in promoting good design, High quality, and the local community. I am going to make a social media motion ad to promote an “autumn/winter edit”. Inf Def has previously done seasonal staples edits (Infinite Definite, n.d.-b), and so I will follow this theme.

02. Concepts

Infinite Definite is very present on social media, and takes a relaxed approach to advertising, the sales assistants in store often post on the company’s Instagram stories with their favourite items of that season. Their feed posts feature more professional photoshoots of the items they sell. Graphic design such as job adverts always feature their signature green and off white colours. My goal for this motion ad will be to combine these advertising styles.

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